Cold Brew Ice Cubes for A Better Iced Coffee Experience

Unlike some of my coffee shop counterparts, I savor my coffee.                                      

While they chug theirs, I'm sipping like the queen at tea time (no pinky out though...I swear).

Admittedly, this at times comes back to bite me. The final 3rd of my hot coffee is like lukewarm bathwater, and when it's iced coffee season, it's more like coffee colored water from all the melted ice.

The hot coffee gone tepid, though a coffee-crime-against-humanity, can be warmed back up with a splash of fresh coffee.

The iced coffee on the other hand...I've never quite attempted to breath new life back into that baby.


Coffee Ice Cubes to Extend the Life of Your Iced Coffee

Now that I'm brewing cold brew coffee at him like it's going out of style (and cheap!), I'm aiming to nail down every flavor-hack in the book. Without a doubt, no question, the first to make it into my rotation has been the cold brew ice cube.

Yes, we are adding coffee to our coffee here. Any objections? 

This is the simplest, most straightforward way to stop the end-of-the-cup watered down coffee.

Here's what I did (If you want to take notes, grab a pen and paper now...this gets tricky);

  • Make Cold Brew Coffee
  • Make Ice Cubes with Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • Place Ice Cubes in Your Cup of Cold Brew
  • Drink

Go back over that a couple times if you need to. Go ahead. I'll wait.

While I'd rate this hack "beginner", I'm guessing many of you won't ever try it. And that's a shame. Because it's AH-MAZING!

I brewed a batch the other day with our handy little mason jar brewer, threw a couple of these ice cubes in, and BAM. A long lasting, flavor injected glass of cold brew.

Now quick side not; my ice cubes were made with the concentrated cold brew, so these did have a slow-infusion of extra diesel-caffeine as the cubes melted.

You can make yours with a diluted version if you prefer, but the concept is the same.

Cold Brew Ice Cubes [Flavored Recipes]

Now I'm going to have to report back to you on these, but the next step is to fire up some flavored ice cubes to add some kick to your iced coffee. Here are a few I'll be trying soon:

  1. Vanilla Ice Cubes
  2. Mocha or Nutela Ice Cubes
  3. Chocolate Ice Cubes
  4. Milk & Honey Flavored Ice Cubes

As I try some of these I'll come back and update this post. If you beat me to it, even better. Let me know in the comments below how things pan out.

Now, I throw it back to you. Have you tried the coffee ice cube yet? If not, will you give it a try next time you brew a batch of iced coffee or cold brew at home?

It could be the singe easiest upgrade to iced coffee as you know it!

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