Over Coffee

Hi, I'm Jason, the founder of The Cold Brew King. I love coffee. I love cold brew coffee.
My wife loves cold brew coffee. And only cold brew coffee. I have a story for you on that...in a minute.

I've found that coffee happens to be a really big catalyst for stories. I mean, with the shear number of people consuming coffee every day, something somewhat important is bound to be happening, right?

New connections, business ideas, reconnecting with old friends, relationship breakups. 

Chances are pretty good that you've got some really fond (or not so fond) memories that happened over a cup of coffee too. Am I right?

Late-night cram sessions in school, an all-night drive with a best friend, or the beginning of a lifelong romance (yeah, I get mushy sometimes!). I bet you have one.

Back to Our Story

I've loved coffee for as long as I can recall. My wife...notsomuch. This made me sad, for all of the previously mentioned reasons. 

In an effort to convert her to the land-of-the-coffee-loving, I'd drive near and far, buying coffee from any and every coffee shop. Each trip ended in rejection (of me, and the coffee).

"It's too bitter." "I don't like the flavor". "It needs more sugar." Sigh.

Once, I thought I had achieved success. I offered her one of those stupid expensive latte type drinks from the big chain with the mermaid, and she loved the smell. Was even excited to sip it.

Utter. Defeat. It was not to be.

Hello, Cold Brew

One day, the stars aligned. Everything came together. I concocted a batch of cold brew coffee in our kitchen, waited overnight, and then presented her, humbly, with my newest creation. 

She loved it. Wait, what?


It was everything she was looking for in a cup of coffee. Naturally sweet, none of that "bite", and plenty of flavor. 


I knew I needed to keep the cold brew coming, and I sure as heck wasn't going to be dropping $5 a day on this magic concoction.

And The Cold Brew King was born.

Simple, easy to use, and makes a damn good cup of cold brew. Depending on your level of addiction, one batch can last two people a whole week. Score!

Your Story

So, it's like I said. Coffee has a way of telling stories, and that's mine. I hope you'll give the Cold Brew King a try. But more than that, I love a story.

What's yours? 

Tell me below...I'd be honored to hear it. Let's have a virtual cup of cold brew together.