Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Mason Jar Kit

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Make Delicious, Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Product Description

The Cold Brew King is an extremely simple and convenient mason jar brewer that utilizes a heavy-duty stainless steel filter.

This reusable, easy-to-clean filter holds ground coffee while allowing water to saturate and pass through, extracting maximum flavor with minimal sediment.

The end result is 64 ounces of cold brew concentrate that users have described as "smooth, naturally sweet and full of flavor". 

What's in the single mason jar kit:

  • Mason Jar 64 oz
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Rubber Seal
  • Mason Jar Cap

See The Cold Brewer in Action


 What's in the double mason jar kit:

  • All of the above, plus 1 extra mason jar and an extra cap.

If you've been initiated into the world of cold brew coffee, you already know what all the buzz is about.

Delicious, refreshing and naturally sweet, the cold brew extraction process results in an assortment of flavors you've likely not tasted in hot coffee. 

Some people say that "cold brew coffee tastes the way hot coffee smells".

While every individual likely enjoys cold brew coffee for different reasons, there's no question it's just about everywhere you turn these days. 

If you've thought about making cold brew coffee at home, you may have noticed there are more than a dozen ways you can do so. Some involve complicated equipment, and some required a lot of clean up. 

With the cold brew king, you can enjoy a method that is quick, easy to clean up after and extracts the maximum amount of flavor.

 How does it work? Keep scrolling....

What They Are Saying:

The Immersion Cold Brew Method

The immersion cold brew method involves soaking ground coffee in water at room temperature for 12-24 hours. This process allows for maximum flavor extraction and a different flavor profile

Cold brew immerrsion


For best results, this is done using coarsely ground coffee.

Because the coffee steeps for such a long period of time and sits in a mesh filter, the coarse ground coffee not only prevents too much coffee from passing through into the water, but it also prevents over-extraction, which can lead to a bitter tasting cup of cold brew.


    Cold Brew Directions

     You can brew either a concentrated or non-concentrated version with the Cold Brew King. The concentrated version you'll want to dilute at a 1:1 ration with water or milk, and the non-concentrated version can be treated like traditional iced-coffee. 

         When Making Concentrate:

    1. Fill your mesh filter approximately 1 inch from the top with coarsely ground beans...approximately 2 cups worth.

    2. Then pour cold water over the grounds (we like filtered, because water quality does impact the taste quite a bit!) until the water fills the entire jar.

    3. Place cap securely on jar with rubber gasket seal in place, and then shake vigorously.

    4. Once water has settled, look to see if water line has lowered. If necessary, fill with more water and shake again.

    5. Allow to brew 12-24 hrs at room temperature.

         When Making Non-Concentrate:

    1. Follow the above steps with one exception: use half the coffee grounds...about 1 cup. Water usage remains the same.

    Note - It brews tea too!

    While we originally designed the cold brew king for coffee, it turns out its actually pretty great at making loose leaf tea as well. Simply add loose leaf tea to the filter, fill with water and steep overnight.

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