Cold Brew Conversion Kit

Cold Brew Conversion Kit

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You've got the mason jar, you've got the you've got the kit!

Really, it's like magic; transform any 64 oz mason jar (the big one!) into a cold brewing machine, brewing smooth, delicious, naturally sweet concentrated cold brew.

Every kit includes:

  • 1 Heavy duty stainless steel mesh filter
  • 1 Wide Mouth Mason Jar Cap 
  • 1 Rubber Seal 

Still spending crazy amounts of money on iced coffee or cold brew at the local coffee shop? Had enough of the wasted time waiting in lines?

If you don't obsess about having a green mermaid on the side of your cup or need to be seen holding the latest iced-chai-mocha-double-whip blah blah blah, then this is the kit for you.

  • Save money (one standard bag of coffee can be turned into 12+ cups of cold brew)
  • Save time (waiting in your fridge for you each morning, already made)
  • Tastes better (smoother with a richer flavor profile than regular iced coffee).

Cold brewing coffee at home has never been easier with our new & super simple cold brew conversion kit from The Cold Brew King.

What do our fans say?


Why Cold Brew?

Unlike iced coffee brewed the traditional way and then cooled down over ice or in the fridge, cold brew coffee is steeped in room temperature water over the course of 18-24 hours right on your countertop. 

This process draws out less of the acids and more of the flavor found in coffee beans, which means it's easy on your stomach and needs little to no sweetener (most people think it's already been sweetened!).

Save Time, Save Money

One standard bag of coffee brews 2 full batches of cold brew using the Cold Brew Conversion Kit. The result is 64 oz of concentrated cold brew.

Drink it straight for the ultimate boost of caffeine, or dilute it 50/50 with water, milk or almond milk. Each batch makes about 9 cups of 16 oz coffees (when diluted).

Get Creative 

As illustrated in our article 100 Fun Coffee-Inspired Recipes You Need to Try Today, there are plenty of ideas to help you mix-up your coffee consumption habits, whether by food or drink (try the cold brew brownies....mmmm!).

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

Curious what all the fuss is about and what the real difference is? Click here to learn why we think cold brew is really the best!